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Nearby Places to See and Things to Do

One of the reasons we chose this property for our B&B was that there are many things to do, places to see and places to eat within walking distance or a very short drive from Ruckman Haus, and we'd like to describe some of them below. San Antonio is always changing, though, and we always encouraged our guests to ask us for our latest recommendations. But no matter what the interests or needs of our guests and visitors were, there was something close to Ruckman Haus that would suit.

This page contains many links so you can obtain more information on some of these local attractions. If you follow any of them, they will open a new browser window for you, and all you need do is close that window when you are done and you will back at this website right at the point you left off. Keep in mind that while we tried to ensure that all our links to other sites actually worked, and while we will continue to try to do that, sometimes there are changes we don't find out about until someone tells us. So if you find one that doesn't work, please let us know.)

Places to See

San Pedro Park Springs and Pool
The Grotto (an enclosed spring)

San Pedro Springs and Park

We and our neighborhood are very fortunate to be just a short block from San Pedro Park which is the second oldest park of any kind in the United States. (See if you can find out what the oldest one is; we will be happy to tell you or confirm your answer if you email us.)

In the park you can find the famous San Pedro Springs, which actually feed the huge wading pool that is open to the public. There are a number of water features associated with the springs as well. The park also contains picnic areas, playing fields, tennis courts and many paths along which people can stroll. The entire park was completely renovated eight years ago, and you will find it a wonderful place to spend some time.

If you would like to know more about the park, here are three sites that will interest you:

The History of San Pedro Park
The Edwards Aquifer and San Pedro Springs
San Pedro Park Facilities

The Monte Vista Area

The Monte Vista Historic District

Monte Vista is arguably the most prominent of the neighborhoods that blossomed during San Antonio's "Gilded Age." This was the period between 1890 and 1930 when the city began to establish itself as more than just an outpost for cattle drives. In fact, Monte Vista was where many of the rich people in the cattle and oil industries decided to make their home during this time.

Instead of the usual Spanish-influenced architecture that was prominent at the time, San Antonio architects such as Alfred Giles and J. Reily Gordon went outside of the box and varied the houses. The result is an attractive mix of Queen Anne, Hollywood bungalow, Georgian, Moorish, Arts and Crafts (of which Ruckman Haus is an example) and Victorian era architecture that gives Monte Vista its unique feel.

Ruckman Haus is located just one short block outside the official Monte Vista boundary. So if you love old architecture, a walk along our own block and into Monte Vista is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Learn more about Monte Vista

Things to Do

At one side of San Pedro Springs Park, right on San Pedro Avenue, is a branch of the San Antonio Public Library.

San Pedro Springs Park is also home to the San Pedro Playhouse, which offers theatrical productions year-round. The Playhouse is only one block from Ruckman Haus.

A recent addition to the list of places to visit near Ruckman Haus is the redeveloped Pearl Brewery complex. You will definitely want to explore this new San Antonio hotspot. The cathedral-like brewery is at the heart of the complex, which includes restaurants, shops, studios, and even an amphitheater on the river that frequently features free concerts. And the complex is a great starting point for your stroll southward along the San Antonio RiverWalk. No longer just a downtown attraction, the beautifully-landscaped RiverWalk has been extended northward to The Pearl (and is slated to go further north still). You will find the walk between The Pearl and downtown one of the most beautiful, interesting and relaxing walks you have ever taken. Park free at The Pearl and enjoy one of San Antonio's "crown jewels."

Places to Eat

You might imagine that cooking full breakfasts for our guests each day would mean that we rarely wanted to repeat the process in the evening, and you would be right. As a result, we have sampled many of the local restaurants since we've lived here in San Antonio, and have quite a few recommendations- depending on your cuisine of choice, of course. And since you might be visiting this site because you are coming to town, we thought we would put these recommendations here.

San Antonio boasts a number of elegant restaurants, suitable for that perfect night on the town, or for entertaining while you are staying in town. Among the most elegant is Bistro Vatel (CAUTION: Website has music!).

You'd expect that San Antonio would have many Spanish and Mexican restaurants, and a short drive from Ruckman Haus will put you in the middle of one of the largest concentrations of them. A couple of them are even just five or six blocks away. We have always been particularly fond of La Fonda, Rosario's and Los Barrios.

You might not think that San Antonio would be a "burger" town, but if you are looking for some of the best burgers (and fixin's) in the world, then we would steer (no pun intended) you to Chris Madrid's, which is quite close to Ruckman Haus. For Italian food, there is a great place, also quite close- Capparelli's.

We have always particularly liked the Candlelight Coffee House, about a mile from Ruckman Haus. The Candlelight serves a very eclectic menu of items created by the owners. (Ever thought of Chicken Lasagna?) Each dish is a real treat. But one of the main attractions of the Candlelight is their huge selection of gourmet coffees and teas (here's the place for a half-caf latte with extra foam), their wide selection of wines and their incredible desserts. The Candlelight is also open very late, so it's ideal for a stop after the Playhouse or the movies.

For any expatriate Brits (and everyone else, for that matter), the Lion and Rose British Pub offers a great place for a casual meal or the best in San Antonio night life!. And if you like coffee, but want a welcome change from you-know-what-national-chain, try our own local version of "Central Perk" (from "Friends")- Olmos Perk- a great neighborhood coffee bar.

Other Recommendations

If you'd like some other recommendations, we would be happy to correspond with you; just email us. Chances are, we have already discovered just the right place. We can even steer you to your next great B&B experience- Das Garten Haus. Das Garten Haus is a traditional, owner-operated B&B in the heart of historic and picturesque Fredericksburg, Texas. You'll love its pretty gardens, delicious breakfasts, and Hill Country hospitality.

Ron and Prudence Ruckman