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A Unique Bed & Breakfast In the Heart of San Antonio's Historic District

Ruckman Haus Cuisine

At Ruckman Haus, we not only provided our guests with a gourmet breakfast that was different for each day of their stay, but we also made available beverages and snacks for them throughout the day.


We served our breakfasts in the large dining room furnished in a Texas Hill Country style. Unlike some other inns, we encouraged our guests to take their breakfast at whatever time was convenient for them.

Ruckman Haus Dining Room
The Table is Set for Breakfast

When a guest arrived in the dining room for breakfast, we offered them a choice of beverages- coffee, tea, orange juice and apple juice. Depending on the morning's menu, we were happy to make every effort to adjust any of our guest's preferences for the preparation of the items being served that day.

Ron Ruckman Preparing Fresh Fruit

Ron, of course, was the chef, and took great pride in offering a varied menu with his signature dishes. Each one was delicious, more than ample and served with style.

We also recognized that some of our guests might have particular dietary restrictions, which is why Ron always made a point of letting a guest know what the next day's breakfast was planned to be. Whenever a guest indicated a preference or restriction, we could always provide some alternative- and those alternatives were just as delicious and served with just the same style as any other offering.

Although we no longer have guests to take care of, we still prepare some of the same breakfast entrees for ourselves as we prepared for our guests. We wanted to record some of them here- for our interst and perhaps for yours, too.

Menu Items
  • French Toast with Berries (pictured)

    Large slices of Texas Toast fried in egg batter,
        topped with seasonal fruits and powdered sugar and
        served with real maple syrup
    Hill Country sausage links



  • Huevos Ruckmananza

    Berries with yogurt and granola
    Eggs lightly scrambled with jalapeno cheese and
        served with chorizo sausage
    Hot apple Danish



  • Eggs Benedict (pictured)

    Parfait of peaches, crème and cinnamon
    Sunny-side-up egg and ham atop a toasted English Muffin
        with Hollandaise Sauce
    Lemon bundt cake



  • Belgian Waffle

    A Belgian waffle covered in the best creamery butter and
        pure maple syrup. The waffle is topped with lots of
        fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries
    Patty sausage
    Toast and Jam



  • Fruited Blueberry Pancakes (pictured)

    Begin with a pancake batter chock full of fresh
        blueberries, and then top the pancakes with fresh
        strawberries, powdered sugar and real maple syrup
    Hill Country sausage



  • Breakfast Frittata (pictured)

    Fresh Fruit
    Begin with an omelet made with ham or sausage,
        layer thin fresh tomato slices and mixed cheeses,
        broil briefly and top with pesto
    Breakfast Potatoes or Toast
    Fresh Assorted Danish

French Toast with Berries

Eggs Benedict

Fruited Blueberry Pancakes

Breakfast Frittata

These entrees were just the centerpieces of the typical Ruckman Haus multi-course breakfast. Along with the entrees and other items that might be served with them, there were always pastries along with toast, butter and jam.

Cantaloupe with Blueberries and Ice Cream

Along with the breakfast entree, we also liked to provide a fruit appetizer, such as a broiled grapefruit half or perhaps a dish of blueberries and cream. And of course there were also juices, milk, coffee and tea.

We went into this business intending not to skimp on either the "Bed" or the "Breakfast" experience, and, as a consequence, breakfasts at Ruckman Haus were an event. With excellent cuisine- original dishes and delicious accompaniments- and the conversation of other guests, we think that the breakfast experience we provided our guests was second to none.


Afternoon Refreshments
We also provided our guests with drinks and snacks at the end of a day of business or sightseeing, when they returned to Ruckman Haus to relax and recharge before embarking on whatever evening activities they might have planned- again, not something that one might have expected at other B&Bs. We offered a wide selection of cold drinks and a glass of whatever wine happened to be open (and there was usually at least one). We invited our guests to help themselves to any of these from the kitchen- just as they might do if they were at home. Of course, being at home was just the feeling that we wanted to encourage.

The East Garden Waterfall
The West Deck

When we could, we might join our guests in the afternoon- in the garden or by the waterfall or on one of the decks. It was our feeling that this kind of casual interaction and "at-home" feeling was why our guests chose a B&B in general, and Ruckman Haus in particular, in the first place.

Ron and Prudence Ruckman