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The Highlands

Doing a Scottish Fling in the land of the Texas Two-Step

The Highlands

The Highlands is that room you might have had in your own house growing up- particularly if it was an older house with character aplenty. It was the room on the top floor, under the roof, that you went to when you needed a refuge. This turn-of-the-century home had just such a room, and so the Highlands is aptly-named, since it occupies the entire top floor of the house and was the one room that could accommodate three or more people.

But the Highlands is also named for the general theme of its decoration, which reminds one of Scotland or the North of England. The room is done in a traditional Scottish country style. The Highlands has sloped ceilings, since it was originally the attic, and this contributes to the cozy feeling.

One gets to the Highlands at the top of the second flight of our main stairs; when you enter, the sleeping area is to your right, where there is a queen-size, wrought-iron bed, built-in cabinets (which contain the television) and a small fridge. There is an exposed brick chimney that separates the master bedroom from the vanity area and the rest of the suite. The large vanity area is actually directly in front of you when you enter the room, and it has plenty of space for all the necessities for everyone sharing the Highlands.

The Highlands Bath

Just beyond the vanity, in a separate room, is one of the highlights of the Highlands- the bath. The bathroom has hardwood floors and a large slipper claw-foot tub with a hand shower. The Highlands bath is truly unique.

The Highlands Daybed/Reading Wing

But the Highlands has yet another unique feature- an entire additional wing. Here, there is an old wrought-iron twin bed which could be used for a third person- adult or child. At the end of this additional wing is a cozy nook with an antique table and two overstuffed chairs- an ideal spot to curl up with a good book or have a glass of wine. The nook also has matching windows that look out to the west. This is the spot that will remind you of the coziness of that room in your childhood home.

We may have a need in the future for a room that can sleep more than two, as quite a few members of our extended family have kids. So we wanted to leave this room basically the same. I've about decided that I'll move my little office space from the breakfast area in the kitchen (guests ate in the Dining Room, of course) up here to the Highlands. That will give us back the little informal area for our own breakfasts.

Ron and Prudence Ruckman